Day 2 of The Clutha Gold trail and The Roxburgh gorge trail

Well when Greg said it was going to snow I laughed but no kidding last night it snowed on the hills I have photos to prove it

Add rain and wind to the mix and you get a pretty sleepless night in the tent . We all survived only casualty was my mirror on my bike broke off as the bikes fell over in the wind .

When we woke at Millers flat the Rain had stopped that means one thing get cracking and pack up even if it’s 6 degrees. Fortunately they had a great laundry drying room so the tent fly had to hang while we ate our breakfast .

There was a few light spits of rain as we left towards Roxburgh but the sun finally came out . The trail didn’t disappoint and I think is one of the best along with Roxburgh gorge trail. Well constructed easy riding and great scenery .

We came to Pinders pond past Millers flat a free camp there also lovely . We made a detour off the trail to check out Roxburgh and shared a banana smoothie. Great cafe. The we couldn’t hang around as we had a date with a jet boat . The trail wasn’t busy and we only passed a couple of other cyclists. The gold trail finishes at the Roxburgh dam

We crossed over here and headed up a steep climb for the Roxburgh gorge trail only 30 km long but a must , absolutely spectacular. Another wonderfully constructed trail easy to ride and with world class views . Needless to say we had to push the bikes up the first 300 meters with the load the off .

We had arranged to get the jet boat at 2 pm from Shingle creek so there was no mucking around . A wonderful winding descent always followed by the ascent !!

The jet boat takes you approximately 19 km to join the track again,Lawrence our driver was lovely said he was going back to Alexandra would we like a lift all the way , an offer that could not be refused , sun shining on the lake we were off . Bikes and gear on board . Lawrence even gave us a tour and history lesson around all the old gold mining hang outs We didn’t mind missing the 19 km more riding into town to find accommodation and dry out our gear from the rain . Hopefully the sun will stay out

Now to work out tomorrow’s ride.


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