The Otago Central rail trail

Well we decided to stay off the roads and Brad back to Dunedin , what better way than hit the trail. Adjoined it in Alexandra missing the first 8 km from Clyde, we have previously ridden this trail before 8 years ago so we knew what to expect, we thought.

We had perfect weather started off at 8 degrees and warmed up quickly to around 30 by 4 pm . It was different riding the touring bikes as previously we had mountain bikes . The surface of the trail varies but after 62km you get used to it . A fair bit of vibration through the hands and arms . A rail trail is a sure bet no big hills but going from Clyde to Ranfurly gradually goes up hill then your down the other side . That’s 10 km further on from where we stayed the first night at Oturehua at the Crows nest backpackers which has only reopened 3 months ago so we were able to score a bed for the night . We found out after we could have camped here as well . Really nice andcomfortable . We enjoyed a cold beer at the pub in Oturehua and was definitely ready for a good snooze before tomorrow. We really are using the trail as a commute to Dunedin so it was not quite the same as the first time we rode it . Last time was in November 8 years ago and the terrain was much greener . This time the land was extremely brown and dry . A very extreme fire risk .


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