The Central Otago Rail trail . Oturehua to Middlemarch

We left our lovely accommodation at Crows Nest backpackers and headed off onto the trail but not before checking Gilchrist ‘s famous store , a treat to behold from old to new .

The day warmed up quickly and it was jackets off. We only had 10 km to the highest point on the trail the great it was all down hill from there .

Little did we know we were in for a long ride today . We pulled into Ranfurly and found coffee good reception and booked our train ride for tomorrow from Pukerangi as the train leaves from there every day and only some days from Middlemarch. We also organised accomodation for Dunedin as forecast wasn’t good and the city is busy at this time of year with University starting up. By the time that was done we found the obligatory bakery with fresh cream treats then headed off .

The trail surface from Ranfurly to Middlemarch was excellent and really good riding , also the downhill gradient made for a pleasant ride . We passed over viaducts sand through tunnels and hoped to jagg some accommodation at Hyde. We had passed daisy flat where we could have camped but this is not sign posted at all .

Arriving at Hyde we had ridden around 60 Kilometres then found the Hotel was closed as there was a wedding in in town and everyone had gone , so another 28 km to Middlemarch was the next option .

An incentive to get there and have a beer we rode down at record pace 90 km for the day done and dusted . Feeling very thankful to find a lovely hut at the campground, the Rail trail officially finishes here . Off to Pukerangi to catch the train tomorrow for Dunedin .

Middlemarch camp kitchen a train carriage very cute .


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