Middlemarch to Pukerangi

Due to our long ride yesterday we didn’t have far to go today only around 21 km. We had a leisurely morning , looked around town had coffee and lunch and looked through the local museum. An amazing place full of local history.

We took off along the highway funnily we both couldn’t remember this journey from our last visit . We turned off the highway which became a gravel road that then turned into lots of hills , how unusual

The only place we have shared the bridge with the train . The countryside still very beautiful

We got to Pukerangi an hour before the train was due and made the most of the sun, as there was a cool wind blowing . The 2 hour trip was very relaxing and lucky we had booked as the train was full.

Arrived in Dunedin and cycled our way to the camp, just a short walk from St Kilda

The cool breeze blowing and the forecast not too good for the next few days, nearly the last leg of our journey, we have to make the most of our stay here , before we head up to Christchurch to fly home . Before that happens our bikes will have to undergo a serious clean , while we think where our next cycle journey will take us .


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