Our time in Dunedin

Once again we arrived at a destination and was grounded by wet weather . It didn’t stop us cycling around the city until it got too wet and cold . I thought the bike ways were quite good but after speaking with a local cyclist he thought cars were a problem with cyclists . We checked out the beautiful Railway Station we had arrived at the day previously off the Rail trail

The city was bustling with tourists even on a Sunday and in the rain . After picking up supplies for our dinner we returned to camp and when the rain stopped we walked down St Kilda beautiful beach

The locals said tomorrow would be fine and they were correct.

We woke up to a lovely blue sky and sunshine and took off up the Otago Peninsula . It looked especially great after yesterday’s grey and rain , today you could actually see the surrounding hills

This is a wind down now as our trip is nearly over so we chose to ride the flat coastal road around to Portobello. It ranges from having a designated cycle track to having nothing so you had to watch the cars

We stopped at Macandrew Bay for coffee and Broad bay for our picnic lunch

We had decided to return the same way from Portobello and not go the Highcliff road as it is an 8 km climb then a downhill run . Another trip we will do the circuit but not today . A nice relaxing roll today of around 30km and a tailwind I The way home , a great way to finish a ride .


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