Christchurch final leg

Well this really is the last leg in NZ. Transported by the intercity bus again and fortunate enough to have a happy driver although he was running quite late . He managed to state we had picked the flattest and straightest road in NZ to bus , that didn’t worry me we would have had cars and a headwind 2, things I dislike when cycle touring .

We put our bikes together and navigated our way to our accommodation , this didn’t take long . Then walked to get food always a necessity.

We had several important things to do before flying out , procure bike boxes for which we had to hire a car to retrieve , as well as explore the peninsula.

A short ride in Hagley Park has already informed us of a food market and a free classical concert so our last few days are looking better all the time

Riding through Hagley Park

The Avon

Our last job will be to scrub down our bikes and camping equipment before they are boxed up , Sunday’s job .

A lovely drive to Akaroa well worth the visit

And a concert in Hagley Park

A lovely way to finish our tour . Great weather.

We fly out tomorrow at dawn that will be a shock we have cycled about 2600 km in our 9 weeks and have met lots of cyclists with their stories. Locals have asked what are the most memorable legs of the journey and I would have to say there are lots , The cycle down the West coast of the South Island from Westport to Greymouth is especially beautiful looking over the ocean but also the Roxburgh Gorge trail which is definitely spectacular cycling . Lots of memories, now to plan the next trip .


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